Eternal Green

Our driver ventures into Olympic National Park in search of a single, mythical tree.

Content Warnings below.


Written, directed and produced by Ben Sembler

Jason Culp as the Truck Driver

Miya Kodama as the Expedition Leader

Ray Yamamoto as the Young Logger

Ben Sembler as the Old Man and various Loggers

William Yelton as a Singing Logger

Scenic Byways Theme by Rosie Tucker


Doctor Turtle:

“The Encouragement Stick”; “Robot Crambo”; “I’m What You’d Be Without Her”; “King Thumbscrew The Third”; “The Kid In The Bins”; “The Ants Built A City On His Chest”; “Rocinante’s Lament”; “Dead From The Beginning, Alive Till The End”; “His Last Share Of The Stars”; “You’re Right But I’m Me”; “Search For The Zero Inside Yourself”


Tape Recorder | Pond 5 

Ferry Boat | Free SFX

Bar Crowd Ambience | Free SFX

Climbing in Truck | Omar Alvarado, Freesound

Bigfoot Growls | Free SFX

Falling Tree | Free SFX

Monster Breathing | Giddster, Freesound

Whine | Sruddi1, Freesound

Gunshot | Stintx, Freesound

Cheering | Sirederf, Freesound

Yelp | InspectorJ, Freesound

Plastic Explosions with Charge | Free SFX

Bubbling Lava | Free SFX

Thick Liquid Bubbling | Free SFX

Content Warnings:

Loud Noises (Explosions)

Guns and Gunfire