What is scenic byways?

Scenic Byways is an episodic, mythic fiction podcast. It follows one truck driver across a recognizable but distinctly different America. Some years after an unexplained “collapse” the United States government is no more. Many of the roads have degraded and are in disuse. Goods still need trucking, though, and our driver makes use of the Scenic Byways to get his cargo where it needs to go.

Each episode of Scenic Byways takes place in or near a United States National Park. Common thematic threads include the revitalization of nature and the exploration of American myths, culture, and Americana.

Scenic Byways is an anthology of loosely collected stories featuring the same truck driver character. While some elements will be carried over between episodes, each story will stand on its own.

When/Where can I hear It?

The first season will consist of ten episodes, between 30-40 minutes, to be released every other week, with a planned hiatus after the first five. The first episode was released January 20th, and the sixth episode will be released in Summer 2019.

Episodes can be listened to on most podcasting apps and directly on the Episodes page on the website. Transcripts are also available on the Episodes page of the website.


What is “Mythic Fiction?”

Mythic Fiction is a hybrid-genre that exists in a fluid space between the literary and fantasy genres. According to Wikipedia it is “literature that is rooted in, inspired by, or in some way draws from the tropes, themes, and symbolism of myth, legend, folklore, and fairy tales.”

Downloadable Press Kit

Season one trailer

Who is Scenic Byways for?

Scenic Byways was created for anyone looking for stories to augment their appreciation of American culture and history, as it comes from stories past. It also makes for great road trip listening. There are no overtly inappropriate words, although at times they are alluded to before the character is cut off. Children may struggle to follow along with the language.

Any Trigger Warnings?

Some episodes contain sudden loud sounds, including explosions and small gunfire. As best as can be done without spoiling the story, these will be detailed in the information section for each episode.